Learn At Lunch

Learn At Lunch

Explore new skills during lunch break

Goal-Setting – How to create and meet your Life Goals

Tuesday , October 26th  and November 2nd at 12pm

Learn how to develop reachable and realistic goals in areas such as health, learning, emotional self-care and spirituality. Understand how to create short, intermediate, and long-term goals, and how to set yourself up for success.

Road Map to Recovery from Alcohol and Other Drugs

Wednesday, October 27th and November 3rd at 12pm

            This mini course will define and explain addiction and its effects on the brain and body.  It will describe the process of early recovery and how to navigate the various roadblocks that may present along the way.

Exploring the Mind Body Connection

Friday, October 29th and November 5th at 12pm

            Understand the impact of our thoughts and emotions on the actions we take on a daily basis.  Discover your own stressors and how to effectively manage difficult thoughts and feelings. Learn how to tolerate and work though challenging emotions and build coping skills.

Each mini course runs for two one hour sessions.  Cost of each course is $150. For further information please call Lynne at Phoenix Behavioral Health: (508) 623-3931 or drop by our office at 31 Pine Street, Suite 207, Norfolk MA.