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Phoenix Behavioral Health Group Schedule

Three 4-Week Sessions Beginning June 21st

In-person or online

Mindfulness-Based Stress Management

Tuesdays at 6PM or Saturday at 10AM

Learn how to incorporate mindfulness skills into your daily routine to better manage challenging life situations and stressors. Build resilience and skills that will benefit your mental and physical health.

Heathy Lifestyle Changes

Tuesdays at 6PM or Saturday at 10AM

Are there habits in your life that are negative and self-destructive?

Whether you want to incorporate new exercise habits, healthier eating. improved communication skills at the workplace or with family members, this group will help you make those changes.

Problem Solving, Decision-Making. and Goal Setting

Tuesdays at 6PM or Saturday at 10AM

Learn proven strategies for making informed decisions and solving difficult problems. Learn the power of setting goals and the techniques and strategies for achieving those goals.